Our platform creates life-long engagement with students who are increasingly digitally native and tech-savvy.

n-Powered's Voice and Chatbot provide students, faculty, and staff critical information when they need it from anywhere. Our OpenAPI easily connects to a variety of University Systems and creates an (optional) data-lake which allows Alexa, Google Assistants and any smart phones to provide answers in seconds that traditionally would take several minutes and phone calls to access.

n-Powered's platform saves Universities thousands of dollars  each year in personnel and resource costs. But most importantly, n-Powered's platform creates life-long engagement with students who are increasingly digitally native and tech-savvy.

Revolutionize the way you

engage with your students,

empower them with our 

powerful AI platform...

What's my next


Built for higher ed from the ground up

We don't believe in doing technology for technology's sake. Our platform solves real problems.

Voice & AI Chatbot

Get personalized answers to all of your questions by simply asking your AI – powered college friend.

Harmonized Data

By unifying learner, faculty and operational data, we have masked legacy system complexities, and streamlined student’s access to information.

Reduce Cognitive Load

User names, passwords, logins, permissions. Now students can get answers to their questions just by talking. N-Powered is their new college friend.

Anywhere, Anytime

Today’s students are constantly on the move. In the library, coffee shop, home for the weekend … n-Powered supports the learners of today wherever they are, with whatever modality they would like to utilize.

Personal, Secure & Fun

Talking to a machine can be fun. n-Powered is built on AWS, with a security first focus.

Fully GDPR and FERPA



We have done the hard stuff so that you don't have to

A connected university - done for you

Our breakthrough, GUI based OpenAPI stack allows you to connect, collect real-time data from all your systems. We use our secret sauce to create a true 360°  view of your learners. The information is then served back to the student, faculty and staff using voice assistants or our AI powered chatbot.

We help students get secure, personalized information whenever, wherever using their own smart-phones or any voice enabled devices.

We partner with you all the way

We partner with you throughout the project and share best practices that help you succeed. Our background is in higher ed and when you partner with us, we work as part of your team. You point us to the right sources and we do most of the heavy lifting.

Why n-Powered

About us

We've built a platform that unifies complicated, siloed data at universities, and allow universities to create personalized mobile and IoT applications that increase student engagement.



Our business started by solving this core data problem. Using our OpenAPI stack, we have created an abstracted layer on top of the university 's systems. This data layer unifies student data across most systems without disruption of service or system at a fraction of the cost of the full system-wide overhaul. 


Our cloud based data platform allows us to provide critical just-in-time information back to students where they are whenever they want in a fraction of a second.


Don't just take our word for it -

Saint Louis University is pleased to have partnered with n-Powered for the buildout of our SLU Alexa skill. Through the partnership with n-Powered, SLU was able to rapidly move from concept to implementation in three short months.  Partners, such as n-Powered, are vital for SLU to move quickly in deploying new innovative technologies to our students, faculty, and staff.

David Hakanson, CIO

St. Louis University

n-Powered and the n-Gage platform are poised to revolutionize delivery of student services at Bridgewater State University through a first-of-its-kind ALEXA@BSU self-service kiosk and soon to be available Alexa mobile app access starting with information technology assistance.  Opportunities to leverage the n-Gage platform are
limitless in higher education and will surely improve student engagement, retention/graduation rates, and the entire student experience.

Raymond Lefebvre, CIO

Bridgewater State Univ.

We’re excited about how voice-activated assistance will evolve over
time and that Northeastern will be a place to develop the next
innovations and inventions from this technology.

Madeleine Estabrook, Senior Vice Provost

Northeastern University

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